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Chatterbabies has a simple mission: To develop children's confident communication skills whilst having fun and respecting their childhood.

Research strongly indicates that children learn best  through play based activities which are linked to their everyday lives, not through formal instruction and testing. This blog contains craft activities, games, baking activities, book reviews and suggestions of days out, all accompanied by ideas about how to use these everyday fun experiences to support children's speech and language development. Whether you are a parent who is looking to ensure their child has the best start in life, an Early Years Educator or a Speech and Language Therapist, I hope you will find plenty of resources and ideas to help you support your child or the children you work with to be a confident communicators in natural and child-led activities.

In addition to this blog Chatterbabies runs groups in the Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas for children aged from birth to 3 years and their parents. Visit www.chatterbabies.co.uk and follow us on Facebook to find out more. 

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