Language and food: Frozen Yoghurt

Now the warmer weather is finally making an appearance it's frozen yoghurt time! I love making (and eating) these because they are really simple, loads cheaper than buying ice creams and also a lot healthier! Making them with your child is also a great opportunity to support their language development.

You will need:
- An ice lolly mold
- A mixing bowl
- Plain yoghurt with nothing added. You'll need a big tub to fill the mold.
- Some soft fruit. Any berries work well, as do bananas. I have also tried kiwi fruit, grapes and oranges reasonably successfully.
- A freezer
- A small child whose language you want to support

What to do:
- Let your child help you spoon the yogurt into the bowl. Talk about what you are doing; is the yoghurt warm or cold? Why? Comment on how it drips down the side of the bowl and whether it is smooth or lumpy.
- Cut up the fruit and add it to the yoghurt mix. Count it as you add it in. How does this change the yoghurt, is it still smooth or is it lumpy now?
- Use a potato masher (or strong fork if you don't have one) to mash the fruit into the yoghurt. Talk about how the lumps get smaller, and the yoghurt changes colour
- Spoon the yoghurt and mashed fruit into the ice lolly molds and place in freezer. You could comment on how cold the freezer is and how you need to keep the ice lollies upright so they don't spill.
- When the lollies have frozen run them under the warm tap to release them. You can show your child how they have stuck to the lolly mold because they are frozen, and how the warm water melts the ice so you can get them out. Comment on how hard and cold they are after being in the freezer whilst you enjoy eating them.

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